Frequently Asked Questions


I see that Full Shebang Bar is a Dry Service. What does that mean?

"Dry Service" means that legally, the client must purchase all alcohol.

Please note that under California Law, Full Shebang Bar can only serve alcoholic beverages at Private Events.  We cannot serve alcohol at an event where the general public could come up and order a drink from us.  Private Events include: Wedding Receptions, any party at a private venue or residence, and events where there is an exclusive list of people who you invited. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

What is Included in My Full Shebang Bar Package?

We provide everything needed to serve your guests except for liquor, mixers, garnishes, and ice.

Please refer to the specific Service Packages under our "Services & Pricing" section of our website for details about everything Shebang provides. 

Does Full Shebang Bar Carry Insurance? Are the Bartenders Licensed?

Yes we are insured!  Full Shebang Bar carries Insurance coverage at all times.  Each of our Bartenders has completed courses through California Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) to obtain their Responsible Beverage Service Certification.  We take California laws and regulations very seriously so our clients can have peace of mind when they hire us, so that all they have to think about is having a great time at their event!

What Are the Dimensions of the Bar Carts?

Our Large Bar Cart measures 10 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 10 feet long. Please make sure the cart can fit and be transported to where to you would like us to park it. Look for any obstacles, such as overhanging trees. Also, keep in mind, our pickup truck may need an area to turn around depending on your venue. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our Mini Bar Cart is transported in segments, allowing it to fit through any standard doorway. Mini Cart's size can be adjusted to accommodate your needs.

What Kind of Events Does Full Shebang Bar Do?

Generally, we bartend at weddings, but in the past Shebang has served a wide array of beverages at events such as: Office Parties, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Corporate Events, Parades, Farmers Markets, and more.  We are all about customizing the perfect service for our clients- whether that be Beer, Wine, & Signature Cocktails for your Wedding Day, or Italian Sodas and Cupcakes for your little one's Birthday Party.  We do it all, and would love to accommodate your creative ideas and send you a personalized quote!

How Far Does Full Shebang Bar Travel?

30 miles of transportation from Redding, CA. are included whenever you purchase a package from Full Shebang Bar.  We would be more than happy to travel further than 30 miles at a Transportation Fee of $0.55 per mile + $25.00 per additional hour, per Shebang crew member.  Each event is serviced by two bartenders.

If you are also booking our Add-On Photobooth, the crew member running the Photobooth will also be compensated the $25.00 for additional travel time.

Contact us for a personalized quote!

When is Payment Due?

When you book an Event Service, a 25% non-refundable deposit is required.  This deposit will go toward your total cost.  The remaining balance will be due no later than one month before the event date.  Full Shebang Bar will contact you to ensure your balance has been paid.

Shebang will also contact you once more for a Two-Week-Prior Check-In to confirm all of the details of the event.

We accept payment by check, Venmo, or PayPal.

What Kind of Fees Does Full Shebang Bar Have?

We want to be as transparent as possible with our clients. We are not about those hidden fees! 

** One and a half hours of set up and one hour of tear down is always included in the service price! **

** We do not add extra fees if you would like cocktail service!! **

Our cost would be the same as if you were to have beer and wine being served only. (This must be decided upon at time of booking or at least before our Two-Week-Prior Check In.)  The ONLY other fee we may charge a client is if they would like us to travel more than 30 miles to their event.  Please see above for our Travel Policy.

What Do the Bartenders From Full Shebang Bar Provide?

Please check out the specific packages under the "Services & Pricing" section to learn more about what we provide for each service.

Can Shebang help me come up with my menu?

Yes! We would love to help you figure out the perfect beverages to serve on your big day. At the time of booking, we will send you a list of fun drink options for inspiration, but we can always work together to create the perfect drinks as well!

One month prior to your event, Shebang will contact you to help you finalize your menu and create a shopping list for you. Our goal is to make your job in this as simple as possible, especially as it leads up to your big day!

When Does Full Shebang Bar Arrive at My Event?

We will arrive at your event one and a half hours before the planned service start time. This is always included in our packages.  For Weddings where the Ceremony and Reception are in the same general vicinity, we will show up an hour and a half before the ceremony begins, even if we are only serving at the Reception.  This way we don't disturb your lovely vows. If you have a special situation where you need us to arrive earlier we can discuss any additional fees together.

What if I want the Bartenders to stay longer?

Sometimes the party goes longer than anticipated! If your planned service time ends and you decide you want additional time, our Bartenders are happy to stay longer at a price of $150.00 per additional hour, paid at time of request by cash, or through Venmo or PayPal.

*Please check with your venue for approval.